Weekly journaling prompt – week 15


April 9  How my life is better since we met.  I have a friend who deals with life head-on. She has a strong sense of integrity for herself and expectation of others. She has made me more pro-active in dealing with difficulty problems and supportive when I rant. My self-esteem is better having her as a friend. Thank you P.

April 10  A quote that inspires me. I love a good quote and have a Pinterest board devoted to them. For an introvert like me this holds true.

Absolutely true! Nothing worse than being with someone and feeling completely alone


April 11  New day resolution is to pick my battles.

April 12  Special vacation memory.  My sister lives on the west coast so we met in Arizona a few years ago. Loved it. She arrived at the airport before me. She stood holding a sign with my name on it next to two people picking up individuals with names on their signs. I’m thinking they were drivers or tourist operators. When I am coming towards her she is yelling pick me pick me.

April 13  The two sides of me. The one that can talk to particularly anyone. I don’t care what your education is, job, birth order or whatever. If you are an individual I’ll be talking to you. The other side of me is I don’t want to talk, see, communicate with anyone for a block of time. I mean it. I need the total silence to do the “other side” of me. Don’t call me today!

April 14/15  Currently day dreaming about redoing my balcony. I am looking at outdoor rugs and a small bistro set. Currently I have two large chairs that take up a lot of space.  Want a prettier balcony.


You can always start now!


2 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompt – week 15

    • Amelia says:

      It was funny. The two other people not sure what they thought. If I was one of them I would have laughed. I am enjoying these writing prompts as great variety. Thanks for stopping by and “picking me”!!!


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