What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

If you have been following me you know I like decorating, so anything pretty catches my eye.  Below is from My Scandinavian home. I love how light the place is and the rugs – well they are my favorite shots of color.

The following is from a friend and fellow blogger Ingrid over at Ingridmadisonave.  The post is advice from a 90-year-old woman and it is great advice. Check it out.

DIY Mini Gradient Egg Cup Planters

I think these DIY mini egg planters are too cute. Head over to A Beautiful Mess for all the details.

A friend has sold her house and is building so this post is for her and all of you on the move (literally). Rachael Stray post is helpful tips for making your move less stressful.

over looking the harbor and mountains Kotor, Montenegro

If it involves travel I’m in. Check this out over at Travel and Leisure 25 secret European villages. The above is just a taste.

For all of you traveling (maybe to the above secret villages!!) check out Midlife Smarts on how to save money and travel light.

Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! Victoria's Body Shoppe Favorite daily-motivation-fitness-success-Quotes #motivationquotes

So that is what caught my eye in the past month. I would love to hear what caught your eye.

You can always start now!


31 thoughts on “What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

  1. Lise

    I’m always intrigued by these ‘Scandinavian’ designs.. I’ve lived in Scandinavia for all 26 and a half years of my life and I have yet to find a home of someone I know with a similar style. Looks pretty though.


    1. What catches my eye is more the look – colours, light and yes pretty. I don’t get caught up in “Scandinavian” design or any design. If I like it I don’t care what the label is!


  2. I love that quote you added at the end. The egg planters are really cute as well. I love the colours! It’s great that you have put this together. I usually see some amazing images and then just forget where I found them. So I’m going to try and keep better track. x


      1. Treat it as a bulletin board. Each board is something you enjoy. Makeup, travel, blogging information and pin blog posts to that bulletin board. Does that make sense?


  3. Those egg planters are so adorable! I’m actually going to pinch the idea to plant my son’s pumpkin seeds in (an Easter present from my parents), as they are the perfect size, but I never would have thought of using them otherwise! (It also means that I don’t have to venture out in the rain to gather up all of my little plastic pots 😉 ) So thank you very much indeed 🙂


      1. We (part of Canada where I am from) don’t have much of a spring. We roll from winter to summer somewhere in late May/June. I’m still wearing my winter jacket.


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