Stream of Consciousness Saturday – green

I find this month is flying by – half over and no idea where the first half went. It is that time of the week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over to Linda G Hill for all the info and more writing prompts.

This week the prompt is green. Just write, don’t over think, just go for it.

Green to me is trees, better yet a forest. I live by the ocean and love the water, but there has always been something special about the forest for me. The different shades of green, if the trees are thick the canopy over head with the light being diffused coming in.  Walking in a forest is calming and sometimes magical. I love seeing all the shades of green nature has to offer. Green – easy writing prompt for me this week!

You can always start now!


17 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – green

    1. I just checked your post out. Amazing. So enjoyed it and thanks for the call out. Left you a comment. I wrote it Friday night and scheduled it for Saturday morning. When I woke up Saturday it was snowing!!


      1. Even here it’s winter in March. But actually it had started to get warm here and suddenly it snowed for the first time this year. So it was a surprise for us!


      2. We have more snow coming tonight into tomorrow. No big surprise. That would be a big surprise getting to mid March with no snow and then WHAM! My motto don’t put the winter clothes and boots away until well into April!!


    1. No joke. I wrote that Friday night so would post first thing Saturday morning. Saturday woke up and it was snowing! We have had more snow in March than the previous three months!


      1. I’m in Eastern Canada so if it snows in April we are @#&*( but not surprised. March is still winter no matter what the calendar says here!!


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