Weekly journaling prompt – week ten


March 5  A little gift to myself was a vacation day (today!) heading to the library to write and have a good coffee and a delicious muffin. We have a coffee shop in the library.

March 6  My favorite reading nook. I like the corner of my sofa when lots of light is coming through the balcony door. I face south-west so when sunny it is beautiful all afternoon and evening. Natural light is big for me.

March 7  The last time I did a really good job. When I wrote a Love Letter for Angela over at you are awesome.  Thank you Angela for the opportunity.

March 8   An inspiring woman in my life is PK. She was a neighbour, but has moved. Sad. She is always on the go with a cause and lives life to the fullest. PK is game for anything you toss out there.

March 9  These are a few of my favorite things:

  • C is for coffee. My treat is a coffee when I get to work.
  • D is for dance.  Since I ask people for their favorite dance song (few weeks ago) we have had a few dance parties at work.

March 10/11  My favorite people in the world.

  • I have a few friends that check up on me. Call just because.
  • Wanda at A Wandafulthing.  She is the reason I have a blog
  • Sister who I email every day
  • All my blogging peeps who are always supportive, creative and encouraging.

You can always start now!



17 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompt – week ten

  1. Lise says:

    These are all nice, writing something positive every day sounds like a good idea. Also, never heard of having a coffee shop in a library before! We must still be living in the dark ages here in Norway.


    • Amelia says:

      The library is new (three years old now). It has five floors and has won awards. It looks like stacked books. I will post a picture on Instagram. Coffee shop on the top floor has rooftop patio where you can see the harbour. I think a major tourist attraction myself.


  2. Karalee says:

    I love reading your answers! It sounds like you had a nice vacation day & my favorite place to read is also on the couch. We have French doors & 2 big windows that are west facing so there’s a ton of light in the evening.


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