Weekly journaling prompts week eight

February 19 If I were President (Prime Minister for me) for the day:

  • 9 am I would be getting reports from my key people on events from the past 12 hours (or I guess overnight)
  • 3 pm having a coffee break and a treat
  • 7 pm  I would be doing last-minute emails before shutting down

February 20 Finding balance in my life:  I currently have good work/play balance. Just not enough time like the rest of the world.

  • Work:  make sure I get out at lunch for breaks and to do errands
  • Play:   take advantage of what is happening in my city from theatre, art to music.  Also make sure I still take downtime at home.

February 21  The best way to spend $20.  I’ll give two options.  A bottle of wine or head to the Dollar Plus Store and purchase fun craft supplies (canvass, paint, markers)

February 22  Brainstorming the best midnight snack. I think this depends on whether I am craving sweet or salty.  If sweet anything chocolate would work.  Salty I could go for chips.  I know boring.

February 23  Weekend plans:

  • Option A     Shoe shopping. I am still on the hunt for shoes or short boots (found them!)
  • Option B     Meet a friend for drinks/late lunch (managed to squeeze this in after                                                  shopping on Saturday)
  •  Option C    Stay home and clean of the place

February 24/25 Flavor of the week. I’m unsure what this actually means. The picture is of a salt/pepper shaker.  I’m going with balance as Monday was a holiday and Tuesday a vacation day so enjoyed more time at home or play this week. Let me know what you think “flavor of the week” means to you.


You can always start now!



12 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompts week eight

    • Amelia says:

      I’m enjoying it. Balance hmm….. always something we seem to be working towards. I read a book that said sometimes you won’t be balanced and that is okay if you are working on a major project (just not forever). Plus I think we have to be more gentle with ourselves. Start with I am in balance today or this weekend.


  1. Karalee says:

    I don’t know what flavor of the week means either, but when I first read it I thought of food & the dinners I was making so this past week I have been making a lot of comfort food so comfort would be my flavor of the week haha


    • Amelia says:

      Comfort food – always good. Some of the prompts have me sitting back and thinking hmm… others have me do I want to share that? Other all good. Thanks for stopping by!!


    • Amelia says:

      The answers are short and fun to answer.I have kept a bullet journal for a year and half. Nothing elaborate like on Pinterest. Just checkboxes and list to keep me on track for the week on things like weights, meditation. Visual see I haven’t done it and do it. Check. Has been working.


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