Weekly journaling prompts – week seven

February 12  What I’m aiming for this year. I am aiming to complete a few projects I have started. My word for 2018 is courage so I plan on being more courageous and seeing where that takes me.

February 13  Three things I’m thankful for today.

  • I didn’t miss the bus (late leaving the house and I had to run for it)
  • E made us chocolate pancakes for supper
  • Had a good yoga class

February 14  Dear……..  It’s about time I told you….I’ve got a crush on you! This is what I like about you. I like that you are open to trying new things. That you get excited listening to other people’s passions and want to be supportive and encouraging.

I think this would be a great exercise for everyone to get them thinking about what they like about themselves – seeing themselves in a positive light. No negatives here.

February 15  What’s in my heart right now. Contentment.  I had coffee at home so a bit later start to my day. It is sunny out. I could feel the sun and warmth on my face while on the bus to work (temperature below freezing). So yeah, sitting here I feel content.

February 16  Songs that make me want to dance.

  • Usher – Scream
  • Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
  • Maroon 5 – Makes me wonder

February 17/18  An outfit that brings back good memories. I am pretty casual in my look. Mostly jeans and t-shirt or sweater. If I am pressed I would say my Far West jacket. I paid a lot at the time (for me) and I wore it forever. It was my go to jacket for travel – went to Australia with me.  Has me thinking I need another one or similar one!

You can always start now!


18 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompts – week seven

  1. Chomeuse with a Chou says:

    Great weekly journal update, as always! I nominated you for a blogging award over on my site. No need at all to participate, of course, but thought you might like to know so that you can make up your own mind about joining in or not!


  2. drallisonbrown says:

    Courage! Yes! Chocolate pancakes! Yes! Funny visual of you trying to run for the bus, sorry – I just can’t imagine, as I’ve never lived in the big city. I just went to a talk by Joan Borysenko last night. She talked about retelling our stories – spinning things a bit more positively and learning to love ourselves. Your Feb 14th prompt seems right up that alley! Last but not least, I’m curious about what that jacket looks like…..


    • Amelia says:

      City around 300,000. Jacket Far West I haven’t seen in years. It had a hood, covered by bum and great for all weather. I think Columbia jackets are similar in style and fabric. Currently reading the book BadAss and she talks about putting a positive spin on our stories. Not being the victim. The Feb 14 prompt was hard and I put it aside for a bit (love letter to self). Thanks for stopping by and always enjoy your take.


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