Reluctant, usually, shopper

Confession I am not a girly girl. I don’t wear a lot of makeup (I do wear lipstick so counting that) but I am clean and usually safe.  I am envious of people who effortlessly put makeup on and their eyes pop and face is contour. Well done.  I am also not a great shopper. Sorry.

True story to put this in context. I take public transit to work so you know you get to know people on your bus. I have this lovely young man who takes his two-year old daughter to daycare. We chat (his daughter and I mainly).  He was talking about gifts and recently realized a woman’s purse is very personal. Hmm…. That got us into foot wear. He said he thought women’s footwear and purses were like a long-term relationship. She thought about the purchase, put a lot of work into it, loving wears her shoes and purse. All good.  I responded with my truth “I run my shoes into the ground and toss them away. I’m so not associating my footwear with my long-term relationships.”

Since this is not a relationship post I am tossing two pairs of footwear out.  FYI I took both pairs to the shoemaker to be told he could do nothing for me. Seriously, I stood there and said “you said that about the pair I brought in last week”.

Again not a relationship post but I am desperate. Saturday I headed to the mall with one item to find. Footwear for work.  Remember not a shopper. I took E with me who is a shopper (thank you).  I told Parul over at Happiness and Food via Saturday BUYB where I was heading and was asked to please share! So with that in mind my mission was set.

First store totally overwhelmed and found nothing.  Below picture I did try a pair on but not so good.

I only want either short boots or pumps to wear with dress pants. I am not looking for anything earth shattering. Really black short boots/shoes.

Above was the nicest store and totally inappropriate boots for what I was looking for. I mean I can’t put my dress pants in these.  Plus, sit down for this, I haven’t had high boots in decades.

Boots I purchased. What! I know. High boots. Not appropriate. Totally inappropriate. Feel amazing. I was weak. In my own defence, I did continue to look for short boots/shoes. I did, but found nothing. I still have to find shoes for work, so the hunt is still on.

The aside to this footwear experience is E is excellent at getting free samples.

Three facials, hand cream, the tablets for cleaning your teeth.  So score here.  I have NEVER gotten samples before and it wasn’t that hard. E did the work.

My shopping experience of not finding what I went out for but had a great day! To having experiences and just going for it!

You can always start now!


11 thoughts on “Reluctant, usually, shopper

  1. Losing the Plot says:

    Brilliant, that post has me smiling. The boots might not have been the ones you were looking for,?These ones evidently found you instead. Health to wear x


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