Weekly journaling prompts – week six


February 5  Where I feel like I belong. New Years Eve I ended up at a friend’s apartment (actress). The Christmas play finished up at the theatre across the street and performers came over to celebrate New Years. There was an energy and acceptance of everyone there that flooded the room. I felt accepted, part of the group and loved the energy. So I guess I’m saying I feel like I belong in a creative, supportive, open environment where all possibilities are accepted and encouraged.

February 6  A new recipe I’d like to try.  I don’t have a specific recipe in mind but an easy soup recipe to make in slow cooker would be great.  Suggestions please.

February 7  How I hope people see me. I hope people see me as open-minded and non-judgemental.

February 8  Things I want to do before the year is over

  • finish draft of novel
  • go through old photo albums and send relevant pictures to people
  • finish sock monkey (I know weird!)
  • re-do balcony – decorate

February 9  What’s in my brain right now…..getting through the day as not feeling 100%.   What I wish was in my brain right now….feeling excited about the weekend and possibilities!

February 10/11  Where I hope I’ll be in 10 years time.  I hope to be writing and blogging full-time. Not necessarily making a ton of money but enough to off set a few expenses. I also hope to be living in different places during the year as I won’t have X amount of vacation days to worry about!

You can always start now!

13 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompts – week six

    • Amelia says:

      I am enjoying writing them! Agree it would be great to supplement funds through the blog as I enjoy blogging and the community. Another item to mull over!!Thanks for stopping by.


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