Weekly journaling prompts – week four

Fast update if you are just visiting for first time.  A co-worker received the above calendar as a Christmas gift. I love it so decided to do the prompts with her for the year.  Week four……drum roll please.

January 22 My teammates

  • Wanda over A Wandafulthing. She is the reason I have a blog
  • Natalie over Natalie’s blog.  She is just starting her blog but is the co-worker I am sharing the calendar with!
  • Friend I won’t name but is my theatre buddy, Saturday afternoon confident and maybe future editor
  • My blogger peeps at BUYB and BIB

January 23 A moment of strength that I’m proud of myself for is purchasing my home. This was after a lot of coffee shop lunch hours doing pro and con lists.

January 24 My hidden talent (I’m actually good at).  Sigh. Hmm…. It is not exactly “hidden” but I’m not an instant gratification person.  I mull over purchases and have the money saved before buying anything.

January 25  Deliciousness on my tongue. Lemon – a good piece of lemon loaf.

January 26  What lifts me up

  • Finding a new author (hopefully they have a series) to dive into
  • Blogging
  • Saturday afternoon drinks/lunch with friend (see above) discussing life and possibilities

January 27/28 My passion project (ideas!!).  Collaboration with fellow bloggers and friends.  Thinking of a winter tag post, starting a story or whatever! Open to possibilities.

18 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompts – week four

    1. I am enjoying them. Fun to do with someone else as different take and often leads to conversation. Oh you are…… or what about…. when we are thinking of answers. thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the idea of thinking about people as team mates, and that thry can be found in sich a variety of places. Sich a lovely inclusive name instead of having separate groups of friends, colleagues, acquaintances…it is very true that people can be team mates even if they aren’t intimate friends:)


    1. Hello I am late accepting but received another nomination for the award so thought it is meant to be so linking to you and Ingrid. Both versatile bloggers. Thank you and should be out later.


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