52 words in 52 weeks – writespiration


It is that time of the week for Sacha Black writespiration. Where she gives us a writing prompt and we have 52 words to express our story.  The bold/italic words were this week’s prompt.

My nostrils flair as soon as I entry the room. There is something in here that smells horrendous. Searching I find jugs in the corner with frozen unidentified matter in them. Bending down – yep this is definitely the smell. I back away. I’m not touching it with my new bamboo pants on.

You can always start now!


2 thoughts on “52 words in 52 weeks – writespiration

    1. Just popped over to visit. Enjoyed and dropped a comment. I was WHAT when I saw the words but wasn’t as bad as I thought! Do you know about Stream of Consciousness Saturday over at Linda G Hill? Another writing prompt.


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