52 weeks in 52 words – terrified



It is time for Sacha Black 52 week writespiration.  Sacha gives a writing prompt or picture and we have 52 words to tell our story.  Check her blog out for all the details and other exciting news.  Here it goes!

This was bad. She didn’t know if she could do another month of detox or giving up social media which was the same thing.  She had already had the look of disappointment. It was terrifying knowing how tenuous the thread of love was to her mother. This situation would unravel it completely.

You can always start now!


4 thoughts on “52 weeks in 52 words – terrified

    1. First time around it is always over 52 words. Makes your really look at what is relevant. Some prompts the story idea just comes other more of a struggle. Thanks for stopping by.


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