Canada 150 – pulling sister trip together

My sister and I live at opposite ends of the country (Canada).  So seeing each other on a regular basis just doesn’t happen.  A few weeks ago we were talking and she had vacation coming up and we just decided to go for it.  We picked Ottawa (nation’s capital) as neither of us had been and wham in just over a week we were there for four days and loving it.

Canada is celebrating its 150 birthday this year, so visiting the capital was extra special.  The picture below doesn’t do it justice, so check out the YouTube link for the history of Canada shown on the Parliament building.

YouTube of northern lights on Parliament building

We had four incredible days of weather, scenery, catch-up and walking and more walking.  The air was fresh and cool. You could feel fall so great for walking.  Our hotel was right downtown so easy access to everything.

Our hotel was within minutes of the Byward Market area so lots of shops and restaurants.  Beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit stands lining the street.

We did a free two-hour walking tour. Check out Ottawa Free Walking Tour. Well worth it. Wear good walking shoes as you cover a lot of ground. Tour guide asked if worth it to leave tip – how they get paid.

Also a free tour of the Parliament Building, but tours and space is limited.  We arrived 30 minutes before the doors opened and there were still people ahead of us to get tickets for that day’s tours.

View from the Peace Tower.  Be prepared for a line-up as the elevator only holds 6 people. The view is worth it.

Of course my favorite room in the whole building was the library. Also only original part of the Parliament building due to fast thinking of clerk and shutting doors while fire took down the first Parliament building.  So what you are seeing in the video is the “newer” one.

I walked along the river one night at dusk and took the above pictures. Such a magical time of the day light wise. The building is the Fairmount Chateau Laurier Hotel. Which opened in 1912.

Ottawa has the Rideau Canal running through it – which is beautiful.  Every winter they freeze the canal and it is one of the largest ice rinks in the world. People skate to work!

This is just a taste of Ottawa.  There is the National Art Gallery, Museums of history, nature, aviation and more. The city is clean and easy to walk around. Both my sister and I would go back in a minute!

So to making things happen at the last-minute and just going for it. Of course there was also lots of eating, laughing and crying (me) at the airport.

You can always start now!



6 thoughts on “Canada 150 – pulling sister trip together

  1. awandafulthing says:

    You describe your trip so well – the tourist bureau in Ottawa should hire you to promote the City 🙂
    Wonderful that you and your sister were able to go on vacation with such short notice and glad to read that it was a great trip for you both!


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