Is the universe pushing your buttons? Deal with it.

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Here is a question for you. Do you think the universe puts obstacles in your path for you to work on? The obstacles can range from new technology to individuals. Has someone shown up in your life that is pushing your buttons? Maybe trying your patience, boundaries, or different opinions.  If we are finding our buttons pushed maybe we should step back and reflect on whether it is the person, situation or a learning opportunity for us.

I find when I am pushed/uncomfortable over something it is often something I have done in the past and I realize – this is a chance for me to work on that. Someone says something to me and I get my back up. I have to check to see if in the past I have presented this behaviour. Am I feeling guilty about how I behaved and this is the underlying reason why I am getting upset now? My issues.

Maybe the universe is putting this situation in front of me as a learning opportunity. That I have not been open enough or need more patience. That I should first check to see where this person is coming from.  Are they in a different generation? Culture? Gender? Everyone has baggage so I have to try to get over mine first before responding.  Especially in a negative way.

So universe I will treat my dealings with people and situations as learning opportunities. Why is this trait and/or interaction bothering me. What unresolved issues might this be bringing forth for me to deal with.

It is going to be an interesting fall.

You can always start now!



14 thoughts on “Is the universe pushing your buttons? Deal with it.

  1. I’m a PA in my non blogging world. I have my buttons pushed everyday. I find it helps me grow and I love a challenge.
    Yes, the universe gives me challenege. I like to embrace, so I fully agree with you 🙂


  2. Love this! I am a massive advocate of the thinking behind the book, The Secret, so this floats my boat. You know sometimes you think oh not again, or why do I have such bad luck etc? I have a very wise friend that always says You will keep getting the lesson presented until you learn it. I agree with her. You have got to keep positive and keep growing xx


    1. I feel the same way about people/situations being put in front of me again. What can I do differently? Why is this bothering? Yes to embracing learning opportunities and recognising them when they are presented. Which is more often than we think!


  3. Oh I love this post – as someone with a chronic illness, it really does feel like the universe has put some obstacles in my path! but we really do have to learn from them and live the best we can. My 21 year old is just moving home for his 4th year of uni so I suspect quite a few buttons will be pushed over coming months! This is a great post to throw out to the chronic community too – I have shared your link on PainPalsBlog regular feature Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! Great to connect & follow you x


    1. So happy you got something out of the post and thank you for sharing. I have a young person living with me for the school year and I am treating it as a learning and growth opportunity – especially around how I express opinions or not! It is definitely making me stop before automatically responding. Which is a good thing. We will have to keep each other posted on our buttons!!


    1. Lady at work had a song she was constantly hearing and when she connected the dots to what it might mean she stopped hearing it. Interesting what is out there when we pay attention.


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