Creative spaces – you need one!

It is hard to carve out a creative space – be it a desk for writing or painting, storage area for craft supplies or photography equipment. Sometimes we only have 15-20 minutes and if we have to set-up and take down we are not going to bother.  It is hard as 15 minutes might be all you need to put that last touch on a picture, do a journal entry or an outline.

I have often taken over my dining room table with plastic for my tablecloth, paint, glue gun, canvass and recently a flower-pot. You can see my table as soon as you come through the front door and turn you head to the right.  If I am not expecting anyone I will leave it all on the table for a few days to finish my craft.  But wouldn’t it be nice to leave all my craft supplies on a table and just close a door?  Dreaming.

So, what can we do to create a space for us – even a tiny space. I am lucky in that I have a large bedroom and have a table (my mother linoleum & chrome kitchen table) set up as my desk.  So I can leave my laptop, paper and files out to jot down ideas.  I have a bulletin board to capture ideas and pictures/cards that mean something to me.


Here are a few ideas that might work to capture some limited space. Below is an IKEA Bekvan kitchen cart but it could be used for anything.  It is on wheels so could be easily rolled into a closet or tucked into a corner.

BEKVÄM Kitchen cart IKEA Solid wood can be sanded and surface treated as needed. Gives you extra storage, utility and work space.

Over at Sunset they showcase incorporating a closet into an office.

Picture 039

What about capturing some space from behind a closet door for craft supplies.  Found idea over at The Idea Room.


From House and Garden UK found this great idea for creative space under the stairs.  officestairsI know we don’t all have an extra room, a staircase or even an extra closet so maybe we have to capture space vertically for our creative endeavours.  Check out this pegboard I found over at Poppytalk.

pegboardI think it is important to create a space just for us.  So look around and see if you have some extra wall space, even a small space to roll a cart into or set an easel up.  Let’s be creative.

You can always start now! 


17 thoughts on “Creative spaces – you need one!

  1. awandafulthing says:

    As fall approaches, it seems that’s when most of my “crafty” work happens, I too would love to have a space that is just setup for crafting and not multi-functional – but like you said we can all dream – I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I made need to start using more of my wall space 🙂 thanks for getting me thinking…


  2. anhistorianabouttown says:

    I’m desperately hoping that wherever we are living in Seattle allows for something like this, even just a small corner! I do like to move around while I blog but it would also be lovely to have a home base to set myself up for more of a routine ☺ These are fantastic ideas!!


  3. ButterflyinRemission says:

    I 100% agree that a creative space is an ideal addition to the home…at times I’ve not bothered with a project because I only have half an hour spare but if I could leave it out all the time I would be a lot more productive! I am actually in the process of setting a small one up (my house is only little) This has spurred me on!


    • Amelia says:

      I am like that also if I only have 10-20 minutes I don’t bother as have to set up. So yes to being more productive. If I know I’m going to be home and not a lot of people around I will take over dining room table for a day/night. Where are you setting up your space? Writing? Painting?


  4. Judy E Martin says:

    I have a little space in the corner of my living room with a desk. I can at least do my studying here and have got a few drawers to put stuff in. When it comes to doing my sewing it is the good old dining table for me too (this is also in the living room)!!!
    I love some of these space-saving ideas that you feature, especially the office cupboard! 🙂


  5. drallisonbrown says:

    This is so important! I equate creative pursuits with the meditative state, so making time (and space) for creativity is critical to our well-being!


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