Diversity – sharing and writing about hard topics

I read a blog post over at The Blossom Edit,  where Nicole talked about diversity within the Blogosphere.  Where posts on mental health, disabilities or other topics people might find uncomfortable are not shared, as much as, say beauty tips, mindfulness or recipes.

It resonated with me as I think we want to escape our daily routine and reading about travel, beauty and fashion tips is one way to just have that shot of escapism. Just an escape for a while – which is fine and needed.  We are building a supportive community and sharing our likes and things that make us happy or stop and think is important.

But like Nicole says we need diversity in the Blogosphere. There are people out there that a shot of escapism is not going to turn their day around.  They need to know they are not alone. That there is a wide variety of individuals out there and life isn’t always pretty pictures and beauty tips.  I wish.

I guess when I read The Blossom Edit  post I wanted to do my part.  To say life can and is hard. That I have dark moments and thoughts. That I work at not spiraling down and some days are better than others.

So check out The Blossom Edit as Nicole’s post explains it better and her story/take on it.  Also we can be part of the solution and start sharing posts that deal with uncomfortable topics.  Someone somewhere needs to know they are not alone and we can do that by sharing and writing about raw situations.  We have an incredible community as bloggers so let’s take advantage of it and share what we know is needed.

You can always start now !


2 thoughts on “Diversity – sharing and writing about hard topics

  1. Nicole Francesca says:

    Wow I can not believe I have only discovered this today! I’m so sorry I re-branded my website and moved from The Blossom Edit to a self named blog. Thank you so much for liking and writing about my post. I hope it still helps.


    • Amelia says:

      It does and did help. I just re-read it before answering your comment. Perfect timing as I am having a dark day with thoughts ruminating around so this and you helped. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.


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