Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Pant

It is that time of the week Stream of Consciousness Saturday where we are given a writing prompt and just go for it. No editing, no over thinking just type!  Check out Linda G Hill for more information and more writing prompts!

I think I am in relatively good shape.  I walk back and forth to work which is almost 5 K each way.  I do floor work and weights at home, yes I know I could do more but overall not bad.  It wasn’t until I did a few laps in the pool that I realized I’m not in as great shape as I thought as I was panting (so to speak) at the end. Okay or where I stopped due to “panting”.  So more cardio I guess.

PS I looked up pant and wheeze, gasp where there!!

You can always start now !


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Pant

  1. The same thing happens to me when I haven’t been to the pool in a while. But it seems after lap 5, I get into a better rythym and can breathe easier. Good luck with your cardio. Keep going!


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