7 Day Creative Challenge

I found this challenge on Pinterest and decided to tackle it  Check out Chapter Friday for all the details on this 7 day creative challenge.

Day 1 for me was easy.  It was walking.  Well, half the year I walk back and forth to work (just under 5 K) so already in my schedule.  I don’t like to be hooked up to any listening devices when I am walking. I want to hear and see everything around me.  My walks usually are making up stories of recent books or shows I have seen. If I don’t like the ending or middle or beginning I just take the character I like and drop him/her into my situation.  I am also trying to keep a “normal” face and not express what is happening in my head.

Day 2 produce.  The challenge said it was the act of creating and creating garbage is okay.  I am telling you this, as that is what I “produced”.  I did enjoy just creating with no expectation.


Day 3 set timer for 10 minutes and just pour out ideas.  Just write with no editing or definitely over thinking.  Write anything down. You can wade through it later. It worked for me as I came up with a few things I am mulling over.


Day 4 be a sponge and absorb everything around you.  Go someplace new, read something outside your usual genre.  Just be aware.  I like to get out at lunch hour so I walked downtown paying attention.  Ended up at library and looking at magazines and ideas.

Day 5 grab one of those ideas from Day 3 and explore it.  Exploring I came up with a series I want to blog about so started drafting some posts from the ideas.

Day 6 get feedback.  I talked to a friend and fellow blogger about idea for series and she thought it was worth pursuing.  We also talked about some related posts in series.

Day 7 meditate.  I already meditate. Not as much as I would like but I do have a weekly routine.  Review your idea with fresh eyes.  Still worthwhile?  Maybe a different slant?  All good for me and I’m working on it.

To get more information check out the original post at Chapter Friday

Let me know if you have come across any creative challenges and if they did or didn’t work for you.

You can always start now !



2 thoughts on “7 Day Creative Challenge

  1. Whatabbysaysblog says:

    Oooh this sounds interesting! What i good challenge ive never heard of it before but it sounds really fun. Well done on completing it i may give it a try sometime x


    • Amelia says:

      I have also been doing a monthly challenge from listening to podcasts, loving kindness meditation to snail mail and more this year I have enjoyed. Thanks for popping by.


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