A different kind of monthly challenge

If you are just tuning in I have been doing monthly challenges this year. The challenges have ranged from listening to new podcasts, sending snail mail, crafts, loving kindness meditation and more.  You can find the links to the other challenges at the end of the post.

I cheated a bit in July as my challenge was go somewhere new and I went on vacation to a place I had never been before.  Check out Western Newfoundland.  I saw icebergs! That so has to count!

I did manage to stir myself into going somewhere new at home.  The picture above is a flower shop in a boutique mall I have never ventured into.  The building used to be a family run department store but they sold it and now there are smaller high-end (well to me) shops.  The flower shop being one of them. This challenge actually was my push to check the place out.

This month I thought I’d try a craft.  I saw decoupage with napkins on Pinterest and thought yes.  You can find so many pretty napkins now even at the Dollar Stores.  Modpodge Rocks Blog has a tutorial which I plan on using.

Previous month challenges:

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12 thoughts on “A different kind of monthly challenge

  1. Gabe Burkhardt says:

    I admire your tenacity. If I were to create a challenge for this month, I think I’d probably choose “get out of bed everyday” but not sure if I could make it through the entire month 😉


    • Amelia says:

      OMG I would never pick a daily challenge. I am challenged at work everyday to be “nice” (well all day). Co-worker brought Facebook post over and said “thought of you when I read this”. It was a badge she thought I could earn that read “I was nice to humans today”. So……a little piece about me.


    • Amelia says:

      I enjoy doing crafts (not great at it) there is something about slowing down to sit, create and being in the moment that I enjoy. I have tossed it out when finished a few times but never regret just being present to create. Hope this makes sense!


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