7 Sites for Writing Prompts

I started the 101 in 1001 challenge  (101 items to do/see/experience/purchase in 1001 days).  I recently realised I am down to approximately 400 days left.  Out came the list OMG I have to get cracking.  One item on the list was write and submit a short story to a competition.  There is a competition locally due date December 6th so doable.

This lead to this post to help me and maybe you get our juices flowing.  The following sites have multi writing prompts for us to check out and hopefully trigger something special!  Let me know if any jump out at you.

Writing Forward has 25 creative writing prompts.

At Creative Writing Solutions a few of their prompts tap into dreams, relationships and even song lyrics.

The Writer my favourite here was a “yard sale mystery”.  They set the stage a bit more than just a one sentence prompt.

Over at Heather E Wright she has something different.  180 sentences to use as first or last lines in a story.

Think Written has 365 writing prompts.  The majority are one word prompts. Few examples are commotion, gadgets, ladders and eye contact.

Daily Writing Tips gives us 20 prompts.  My favourite is “he’d never notice a door there before.”  Hmmm…could be some fantasy happening here!

Last but not least over at HubSpot is a colored poster with 20 writing prompts.  Something to print off for easy reference.

My countdown is on.

You can always start now !







2 thoughts on “7 Sites for Writing Prompts

  1. Maj says:

    I want to create my own bucket style list but can’t decide whether to go for 101 before 1001 or 30 before 30 or whatever else! It’s definitely something I want to create and, if nothing else, I’m sure it will provide me with lots of ideas for when I’m sat around bored!! Great list of writing prompts, I’ll have to look them up next time I’ve got writers block! Good luck for writing your short story – I might have to add the same thing to my list!

    Maj xoxo


    • Amelia says:

      I was just visiting you earlier! I like the 101 in 1001 days as it seemed like such a longer period (not) and gave me more flexibility. A few things I wrote down twice to do like movies at the waterfront. It was harder than I thought to come up with 101 realistic items. Maybe a fall fun list?


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