Book Club – Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success

I am a declared self-help junkie.  I enjoy a good self-help book on pretty well anything, from creativity to time management to getting out of rut.  I recently read Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden and knew I had to share a little of his take on achieving success.

Rory says we have become an elevator world.  We are more interested in shortcuts, quick fixes and distractions than actually doing the work to get to where we want to go.  He talks about self-discipline and doing the hard work now to get the results we want in the future.  Hence the title Take the Stairs.  Society has adopted the elevator mentality of wanting everything now and not wanting to do the hard work to get it.

He breaks the book down into 7 principles we can focus on to get the results and life we want.  To be successful we have to put the time and effort in and not wait for perfectionism or a quick fix.  It is about establishing a mindset of taking the stairs and doing the work to get the life we want.

One of my take aways was “balance shouldn’t mean equal time spend on equal activities.  Balance should mean appropriate time spend on critical priorities”.  Can you imagine what we could accomplish with this mind-set! Maybe your critical priority is finishing a novel, piece of art or building your business.  Balance is putting the time and effort into those priorities and backing off on what it NOT critical i.e. housework for me!!

The second take away was don’t let perfectionism hold you back.  Rory says you overcome perfectionism by focusing  on stellar effort not stellar results.  WOW.  That goes back to the Four Agreements for me and “always do your best”.  Nothing was said about being perfect.

It made sense to me when I look around and see people’s sense of entitlement.  Who wants to take the stairs when they can grab what they want now and pay for it later. The problem is paying for it later can mean insurmountable debt, bad health and not realizing your dreams.  Why can’t we just do the work now?  Plus why do we feel we are entitled to anything?

For more information read the book – easy read.  He will break down his 7 principles:  sacrifice, commitment, focus, integrity, schedule, faith and action.   Whether or not you agree with everything he says I do believe you will take something away from this book.

You can always start now !




10 thoughts on “Book Club – Take the Stairs

  1. Natalie Nymark

    This looks like a great read I will have to pick it up, have you read You are a Badass? another good personal development book


  2. angelanoelauthor

    I like the first insight a lot. Spending time on what’s important. The first step to that, of course, is knowing what’s most important. That takes self-awareness and an ability to truly listen to yourself and shut out all the other voices telling you what THEY think is important. It took me a REALLY long time to understand that. But I’m working on it a little more every day. Thanks for sharing your insights. Sounds like an interesting book!


    1. I agree it is taking the time to find out what is important to you. Shutting out all the other voices is a constant battle but one I think I am winning! I liked the way he explained balance also. Someone mentioned another book in relation to this “Badass” that I am going to check out – for the title alone! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. I read this book a few months back, and this post reminded me to find time to go back to that book. I found so much value in it at the time but have forgotten much of what it’s about. I definitely focus too much on results and less on effort, so that is a great reminder!


    1. It was a good reinforcement of a few things. Like perfectionism is not going to get you anywhere if you never start and results are good but should not be our only focus. We can get too tied to them (results) and maybe our efforts take us in a wonderful expected direction that we should pursue regardless of the end result we were looking towards. Hope that makes sense! thanks for stopping by and commenting.


      1. Yes, love this! Tim Ferriss has a TED talk about Fear Setting, and one of the things he talks about are the benefits of an attempt or a partial success. Kind of along the same lines of what you were saying: there can be benefits other than the goal you are trying to achieve (the finish line).


      2. Agree. Read book recently Take the Stairs that talked about focusing more on effort than just results. That we get hung up on results. Similar to Tim Ferris benefits of an attempt or partial success. Just start and see where effort takes you it might not be the result you want it might be better or just a learning experience, but all good. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  4. Love the part about balance! One of my favorite recent quotes (and of course, I can’t remember who said it) is, “There’s no such thing as living a life in balance, only in harmony.”


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