Idea for moving forward with…….

I listened to a podcast over at me and Orla with Xanthe Berkeley.  They discussed creativity and how we often set ourselves up to fail and how to combat that.

We often compare ourselves to someone already established. Not taking into account that they might have spent years as a beginner practicing their art.  The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is ourselves, and this is only when we have done the work.  What I mean by that is practice.  If you are going to draw, write or paint once or twice a year and feel disappointed at your results – take a step back.  How can you move forward and learn from mistakes if you are not making any?

Xanthe Berkeley challenged herself to take better pictures by taking them – a lot of them and learning as she went. The podcast has links to her various projects.  She is just one example of someone making the time to learn something they are truly interested in.

So we start as a beginner with no comparisons, just an idea we want to try or something we have tried in the past and want to further explore. Where will we start?  We will start by making time and space to explore, make mistakes, readjust from what we have learned and move forward.

If it is taking better pictures just start shooting them in various lights or grab hold of an idea. Say you want to take a month of pictures of doors.  Writing – sit down at a coffee over your lunch break and put words on paper.  Start journaling. No comparisons are allowed we are beginners and are excited about that.

This is the year we can challenge ourselves and see what happens. Small but consistent steps on a regular basis.  Even 10 minutes counts as moving forward.

Can you imagine if we had a block of work to review and learn from at the end of even a month!  Pick something easy to start with that gets your creative juices flowing. Try it on a consistent basis and see what happens.

You can always start now ! 


8 thoughts on “Idea for moving forward with…….

    • Amelia says:

      I am a big believer in routine/practice and yes consistency. It is now to start putting it into place with a few things. You will rock with your vintage pieces so yes to getting them out there!


  1. Kerry LifeandLoves says:

    I love the challenges that people set themselves, and I think they are important for self growth. I am challenging myself to a weekly photography project. A random subject, once a week to see what I can come up. Great post!


      • Kerry LifeandLoves says:

        So, I write down 52 random things, such as Black and white, Forest, Fire, etc etc. Then I put them on cards, and put them in a tin. I just pick one out on a Sunday. I have only done two weeks so far, and I haven’t put them in the public domain. I may do if Im brave enough in a few weeks…… xx


      • Amelia says:

        Are you going to write or take picture of the random things you pull out of your tin? What about starting a series of 52 random things and write/photography it and do a blog post. Just do it. One a week. I did that for an Angel Card series with words each week. It was therapeutic at times. No comparison just enjoy the process.


      • Kerry LifeandLoves says:

        Its a photography challenge. So if the card I pull out is say, “black and white” then I have to use my creativity and take the best black and white photo I can. I am going to do a blog post, but when I am further in to the challenge xx


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