Stream of Consciousness – Saturday

I decided to try something new – participate in challenges (for lack of a better word) put out by other bloggers.  The above is from Ritu over at But I smile anyway.  Her bog is terrific and always a good read.  Plus she is one of the most supportive bloggers I know. Thank you Ritu.  Because bloggers get around Ritu’s post is from Linda G Hill #SOCS.

Here it goes.  The words are “all or nothing”.

It is Saturday morning of a long holiday weekend and I am on my second cup of coffee.  Lazy start to the day.  Reading Ritu words for stream of consciousness I decided that will be my motto for the weekend “all or nothing.”

To challenge myself to do “all” as I have a list of projects I want to start, finish and move forward.  None of them are major but “all or nothing” spoke to me this morning when I read Ritu’s post.  So I am all in for the weekend and actually feel pumped.  Or that could be the second coffee!

You can always start now!



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