Should we be using the word “just”?

There are some professions that are celebrated and acknowledged as they should be.  There are other professions that are not celebrated – they don’t have a day or week that acknowledges them and what they do.  Any profession/job that is done well should be acknowledged period. Not just on a certain day or week on the calendar.  Enough said on that, onto the next part of my rant!

I don’t identify myself by my job. My job has always been what I do to earn money to live the life I want. You know when people ask what you do, what they mean is what is your job. As if that is what you do and only do. I feel some people slot you into a category just on your response to that question.

So I am working on a new answer and it also involves eliminating a word from my vocabulary in this regard. What do I do? I am a blogger and writer. Or creative. The word I am trying (insert struggling) to eliminate is “just”.  You can insert this word into anything you do. Don’t.

I might not be the best, popular, creative, thrilling blogger/writer in the world but I am more than “just” and so are you.  We create that is what we do. Other people will be fast enough to judge us – don’t take that job on yourself.  If you are like me “just” is a word I have inserted into practically everything I have ever done.  This is a major learning curve for me.

So let’s take a deep breath before responding to the question what do we do.  What do we want this person to know about us? Whatever it is, it is more than “just”…..

Note when you are using this word and is it really appropriate? If you are describing yourself I doubt it is.  If we don’t start embracing ourselves – why should anyone else.  So deep breath – I am a blogger/writer.  To push the button further if they insist on “no, what do you do as in job”.  Answer for that is “why do you want to know?”.

You can always start now !


13 thoughts on “Should we be using the word “just”?

  1. iwozereblog says:

    There is actually a setting on Gmail that alerts you when you use the word ‘just’
    It was a great find!
    It can be used, but I agree, it’s not a great term and can easily be eliminated in most sentences 🙂


    • Amelia says:

      Didn’t know about the setting on Gmail, thanks. I think using “just” to describe ourselves is a hard one to get over, but working on it! Thanks for stopping by.


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