A Different Kind of Monthly Challenge – Loving Kindness Meditation

Fast recap if you are stopping by for the first time.  In January I decided to do a monthly challenge.  From podcasts, crafts, journaling and more (to come!!).  I find I get more done when I am busier, have a deadline and focused. Hence this challenge helps.  For previous challenges I have links at the end.

This month I gave myself a bit of a break and did a Sharpie craft.

I bought a bowl at the Dollar Store. Followed the instructions of washing, drying and letting the Sharpie work dry for 72 hours. After that it is all over the place time wise and temperature wise in the oven. I ended up at 350 degree for two hours.

I am so not an artist so did something easy.  The full quote around the bowl is “Today is the perfect day to be happy!”  Sharpies are easy and fun. Hard part is figuring out whose instructions to follow.

WOW I am starting my fourth month of challenges. For April I decided to do something I am currently struggling with and hope it will get me into a better routine.  So for April’s challenge I am doing Loving Kindness Meditation.  It keeps me more focused when meditating as I am repeating phrases not just concentrating on my breath.  The phrases you repeat are:

  • May I be safe
  • May I be happy
  • May I be healthy
  • May I live with ease.

Next is someone you care about – maybe someone going through a rough time.

  • May (insert name) be safe
  • May (name) be happy
  • May (name) be healthy
  • May (name) live with ease.

The third and last person is someone you might be having a hard time with currently or in the past. Insert their name and repeat the phrases. Basically it is you and two other people you want to send loving kindness out to.  Repeat each of the three names/phrases as long as you want. Ideally you want to sit with this for at least 10-20 minutes if possible. Maybe work up to it.

I would love to see your Sharpie craft or any of the other challenges you have been working on. So to a loving kindness month.

March Challenge – Gratitude Journal

February Challenge – Podcasts

January Challenge – The Start

You can always start now !

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