Starting another journey – The Artist’s Way

I started The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron last week.  The book is more of an exploration and discovery than a read. It is broken down into 12 weeks with exercises that push boundaries and have you rethinking experiences.  I thought I’d share (and hope you hold me accountable) some of the exercises in the book.  There is week one.

Exploring our past. Everyone is creative in their own way. Week one is digging deep into our past and finding those people and moments that made us question and often withdraw from our creativity. Like you can’t even draw a stick figure, your stories are boring or even less blunt – you have to get a career where you can support yourself.  Writing, painting, pottery are great hobbies, but they are hobbies not a job. I am sure we have all heard that. So we put our creative ideas aside and get that job.

Week one has exercises of acknowledging those past hurts. Who said what – bringing them out in the open. Also list your champions. Those people who encouraged you. Another exercise was imagine you could live another life. What would it be? Is there a slice of it you could do now? Maybe take up a musical instrument? Sign up for a painting class?  Do it.

Also Julie Cameron is a big proponent of morning pages.  Just writing free-hand first thing in the morning whatever occurs to you. Just get it out.

I have done The Artist’s Way before and always get something out of it. At times my morning pages have been brutal as I pour out past and current hurts. Also it is hard to write down memories of not feeling good enough and exploring them. The positive is one of my previous imaginary lives is no longer imaginary. I am say/write I am a blogger and writer. Period.

So to the next 12 weeks for me.  I’ll keep you posted.  Remember we are all creative and have something unique to offer. DO NOT let anyone tell you differently.  Our job is to create and enjoy the process. Society will judge us and we can decided what we think of society.

You can always start now !


4 thoughts on “Starting another journey – The Artist’s Way

  1. I heard about this book and checked it out from the library and it took a while for me to start it but once I did I was all in. I was excited to recheck and continue on but somebody else was waiting for it and so I had to return it! I’ve put it on my wish list now, I’m going to find it at half priced books at some point. I really liked the morning pages but eventually I asked doing them. I should get back to them. I think they were really helpful though at times 3 pages seemed hard to fill. But I did it. I should go back and read them now.


    1. Hello, the book as been around for a while so it might even be at second hand bookstores. In the past I thought three pages of loose-leaf for my morning pages but she does say purchase a pretty journal. I think that gives us license for “smaller pages” ??? My morning pages can be pretty dark so be prepared for that if you go back and read them. Thanks for stopping and get this book !!


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