Your ideal day – pin it on Pinterest

I have been reading about Vision Boards and thought I’d put my hat in the ring.  I started an “ideal day” board on Pinterest. I read a blog post that talked about capturing images and ideas over what your perfect day would be – or life. This ranges from clothes you would wear, places you would be going, activities you would be doing, to how your surroundings look.  I started the board – made it is hidden board – it has been fun and has kept me a bit on track over a few things.  It is neat in that it is a variety of pins from outfits, art and décor, places/travel and activities.  It also lets you visually see what is important to you and hopefully goals you can work towards.

So I want to share a few pins of my “ideal day”.  I would start the day with a yoga sequence to get body moving and centered.

Morning beginner yoga - simple, easy stretches before you start your day: I pinned this outfit from  I have enjoyed the outfit part and seeing them all in one place, capturing my style.  All the outfits are casual wear.

Now I am ready to head out. I’m off to the New York City Library reading room.  No, I don’t live in New York. This is somewhere I have always dreamed of writing.  So of course, on my ideal day I will be writing in the reading room!

Reading Room Ny Public Library. New York City NYC. Dave Mills:

While at the library I would be working on my ebook.  Good post on tips and places to publish an ebook.

Of  course my ideal day would involve planning my next trip.  Don’t ask me where this is exactly I just loved the picture so pinned it and I’m a back alley person so……

I would end the day relaxing on my patio.  Found picture over at Emily Henderson.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

Had to include this quote and this encapsulates my ideal day.

Quote pinned from Buzzfeed.

I am continuing to add to my ideal day board.  It is a place I refer to for ideas and keeping me on track for what matters. I enjoy having all my inspirational pictures in one place.  Why not have a place you can reference and start planning your dreams.  Pin that cafe in Paris, an outfit or a new kitchen. The majority of us are pinning anyways so let’s start a board all about us.

You can always start now !

6 thoughts on “Your ideal day – pin it on Pinterest

  1. lilhiddentreasures says:

    This will be the most perfect day ever! I will love to be reading “Sunday Blog Share” in that AMAZING library and wearing that adorable outfit! After having kids, I forgotten that it’s nice to dream about “ideal days” such as this one. Usually my days are just bombarded with activities surrounding my kids. Thanks for the reminder!


    • Amelia says:

      It was fun just adding images. Like the travel one and not really knowing where it was. I think I have to look for a funky coffee shop to add to my board! Glad you enjoyed.


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