My Valentine’s Day Rant – yeah my rant!!

My friend and fellow blogger Wanda, over at A Wandafulthing, is having a Valentine’s Blog Party on February 12th.  Well, of course, I want to go to the party, but a Valentine’s party?  I wasn’t sure I had anything to bring to this party.  Valentine’s has never been my thing.  I mulled it over and the following post came to me – not sure it is exactly what you might think of for a Valentine’s post, but I’m putting it out there!  Here goes my party offering!!

Can you celebrate Valentine’s without someone to snuggle with?  If Valentine’s is for loved ones than who gets to define that, besides the greeting card industry. No one.  We used to give Valentines cards out to our classmates – boys and girls alike.  Okay, maybe our best friend got the bigger cuter card – but I regress. We often feel like losers if we have no one sending us flowers, chocolate or even a card. We all know the woman in the office whose partner always sends her something and we gush and go on.  Even if you have a partner there is no guarantee he/she will come through with the goods.

So my plan is to take back Valentine’s Day to when we were kids. I will give out cards and goodies to friends.  Also why not buy ourselves flowers to enjoy with our chocolate.  Get out and buy a package of Valentine day cards you would normal purchase for your kids to give out.  Either write your name or anonymous on them and have them in your pursue to give out on the day. Leave one on a co-worker’s desk; give one to someone at the bus stop and a clerk in a store.  Randomly give those Valentine cards out and spread the wishes around.  Take Valentine’s Day back to when we were kids and everyone got card.

PS for those with partners OMG do something for them, parents, children and everyone in your life.

You can always start now!

Image result for pictures of hearts


7 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day Rant – yeah my rant!!

    • Amelia says:

      I bought a package of Valentine’s Day cards – the ones in the pictures and going to pass them out on Valentine’s Day. Yes it should be about love/compassion period. But shouldn’t we be doing that the other 364 days a year also? Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  1. April Munday says:

    Why give cards at all? It has always made me very uneasy that we seem to think the only way we can tell someone we love them is by giving them a card. Can’t we just tell them? Can’t we do something nice for them, and not just once a year? As someone pointed out to me this morning, sending a card anonymously is the action of a stalker, not a lover. Just a thought.


    • Amelia says:

      Yes to telling people they are special 365 days a year. Don’t make the assumption they know. I just thought it would be a fun idea to do and hopefully make people smile. I will be signing my name so there will be no doubt who the cards are from. Thanks for the thought.


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