A Different Kind Of Monthly Challenge !

I can’t believe the month is gone. WOW. It was a great month as I was busy, focused and feel like I accomplished stuff.  My challenge to listen to different podcasts last month was part of it.

In case you are just tuning in, I decided this year to challenge myself monthly to do and try different things each month. Last month I listened to podcasts I had never heard of before. So here are my results. I am giving you just a taste of what was in the podcast.

I had never listened to Bloggers Are Weird.  The host interviews, well bloggers.  I listened to the interview with Tara Wood of Love Morning Wood. Mother of seven. Tara talked about pushing boundaries “what pushes your needle” and “are you out of fears?”.  Bit of her life story along with host D.J. Paris.  Easy to listen to and not all mommy related.

Second Bloggers are Weird podcast was with Allison Arnone a humor blogger. She was interesting as she doesn’t consider her blog has a niche – which is freeing she said. Allison likes control of her blog so is not interested in sponsored posts or making money on her blog.  Again wide variety of topics with host. Few of which were blogging and dating.

Harmony Hobbs – Modern Mommy Madness blog was the last podcast of Bloggers are Weird I listened to. Name says it all. Her take away was it is okay to be a mess, we are not perfect. Harmony feels the reason why her blog is so popular is that she doesn’t sugarcoat things.

The other podcast I decided to try was Vibrant Happy Women.  Picked it for its title!  Dr. Jen Riday interviews happy women on various topics.  Laura Thompson discussed “How deep listening can help you find your calling”.  Laura shared her story of deep listening and exploring those thoughts to find her passion. That we owe it to deep listen to ourselves and our families. At the end of every interview Dr. Riday asked the interviewees questions like favorite kitchen tool, book, life lesson and more.

Second podcast from Vibrant Happy Women was with Ruth Soukup. Her topic “I can choose to be happy”.  She gave a great quote from Winston Churchill “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is only the courage to continue that matters.”  I love it!  Ruth told her story of severe depression and holding on to hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  She wants to encourage people to follow their dreams/goals.  Ruth says “give yourself permission to dream big”, try new things to see what your passion is.  You can find her at Living well spending less.

I am a beta tester for two online courses (finishing this week).  Through one I found James Altucher podcast.  This one is where he interviews the singer/songwriter Jewel. She tells a bit about her life (incredible), how she survived through her music and her integrity. I had to add her book Never Broken: songs are only half the story to my reading list after the podcast.

I enjoyed all the podcasts. Some resonated more than others. I would love to hear your favorite podcasts or least favorite podcasts and why! Who should we be checking out? Let us know.

This month’s challenge is to keep a gratitude journal. I know it is all the rage right now and I have tried it before but I have never been consistent. I am challenging myself to write down 3-5 specific things I am grateful for at least 3-5 times a week. From what I have read they say to make the list very specific. Not just I had a good day, but exactly what happened to make it a good day. Person involved? Event? Specific entry. A few people say don’t write every day or you might get gratitude fatigue. So, let’s go with 3-5 times a week and very specific entries.

Okay. Hope to hear how it went for you last month. Remember first Wednesday of the month we report back in and get our next monthly challenge.

You can always start now!


8 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Monthly Challenge !

  1. awandafulthing says:

    I listened to the same two podcasts from Vibrant Happy Women – the title caught my eye as well and it was wonderful to listen to happy people 🙂
    I am intrigued regarding the Jewel podcast and have put it on my list to listen to. I was given a gratitude jar last week (timely n’est pas??) so I will take your challenge and try to be consistent. I am going to try to use it today as today was a struggle so if I think of the things I was grateful for it will put a different spin on the day!


  2. April Munday says:

    I’m not familiar with those particular podcasts, but I’m always listening to podcasts about writing and publishing when I’m walking or driving.

    I hope the gratitude journal goes well. I think I gave up after four days.


    • Amelia says:

      I listen to podcasts also when walking. Always looking for new ones to try. Hoping the challenge for the month gets me motivated and accountable to keep the gratitude journal all month! Will let you know next month how it went!


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