January blues – I think not !

I know a lot of people are having the January blues.  The holidays are over, the bills are in and for some of us the cold weather is here and settling in for a few months.  It was on social media that January 16th was the “bluest” day of the year.  It is also the start of another year we might not have a handle on.

So why am I rocking January?  I am having a fun and productive month. I am moving projects along and learning new things. This is because of a few things I put in place and a few I lucked into. I decided that January I would start editing my novel – that in 2017 it would be ready to submit somewhere! Period.  Also in December I applied to be a beta tester for two individuals offering courses they wanted feedback on. I thought “why not” it is something I have never done before (good enough reason for me) and I can help these women out. Note: I NEVER win/get anything free. Seriously.  WHAM I get accepted for both!

January 2017.  I started a monthly challenge on the blog – a different kind of challenge. Check it out. Which has me listening to podcasts for the month.  I also started an Instagram challenge which is fun #2017startingnow. So add editing my novel and taking those two online courses and my days/evenings are full.

What I am finding is, I am more focused as I have less free time. I am not spending my evenings in front of the TV thinking about what else I could be doing. I am doing it. I am watching videos and participating in Facebook groups for the online courses. My novel is getting edited chapter by chapter. My phone is charged and with me to capture my life and post on Instagram. I am listening to podcasts and inspired by how creative individuals are. I am enjoying my January and feel energized.

Nothing I am doing this month is magical or earth shattering. All I did was put in place activities I can do regardless of whether and not involving spending money.  We only have 12 months a year – make each month count. Check out podcasts, free online classes, start a hobby or get back to one. There are videos on learning how to knit or crochet or practical anything. The main thing is commit to it. Don’t sit in front of the TV and then feel you have wasted another evening.  Find that podcast or online class.  Commit to listening to at least two or three of a podcast series.  Set aside a few evenings a week to work on a project/class. Make your month count and at the end of the month you will feel you have accomplish something.  Make your month rock!  I am.

You can always start now !



7 thoughts on “January blues – I think not !

    • Amelia says:

      I do think the less time we have to waste the more productive we are with the time we have. I am having a great month and feel like I am productive. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is always nice to know something resonated with someone.


    • Amelia says:

      I have always gotten more done with less time and a deadline. It is easy to waste time when you think you have lots of it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. To a fabulous February!!


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