Instagram Challenge 2017 – a year in the life of……

I watched a video that Helen inbetween did on Instagram and gaining a following.  Instagram is something I have just recently gotten into (I know I am so behind the eight ball), so found it very informative.

The part that resonated with me was creating a story.  Capturing your life through pictures and letting people see your world through your eyes.  I like the idea as it is not just random photos, but people, events, places I want to remember and share.   I also think when we take a picture we solidify that memory more – if that makes sense.  We take the time to focus the shot, look around for a better angle and wham we capture that time and place.

So starting in 2017 I am going to Instagram my year.  I am going to make sure my phone is charged and ready to capture memories and my story in 2017.  I would love for you to follow along and even start your own year in the life of…… Instagram challenge.

Let’s see if this challenge pushes us to do different things, so see things in a new light or explore different possibilities.  I am excited to see what I can capture and where this year takes me.  Phone charged? Attitude reved?  Let’s rock Instagram this year!  Maybe hashtag #2017startingnow.   Let me know in the comments if you think of a more original hashtag!

You can always start now !


2 thoughts on “Instagram Challenge 2017 – a year in the life of……

    1. I think it should be fun. I new to Instagram (this fall – late out of the post). I think I will be more in the moment with experiences if I capture them and take them in a different way. If you can think of different hashtag let me know. Off to check you out now! Treating myself in coffee shop this morning to write.


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