Angel Card – Honesty


Honesty is the Angel Card I picked this week.   Honesty should be an easy word to write about.  We all want to be honest in our dealings with others.  I am sure we all agree that honesty is important to us in our relationships and we value it.  But at times, I think honesty is about keeping your mouth shut and just listening.  We don’t have to give an honest opinion on everything.  Sometime people just want to rant and they know what they have to do.  They are just letting off steam.  I also think if something has already happened and the person knew they were not at their best and admits it, they don’t need us rehashing everything they did wrong again in all honesty.  Honesty at this point is working on lessons learned and supporting the person in doing better next time.

An area I have to work on is honesty towards me!  That sounds weird to write but what I mean is working towards honesty in my work and/or achievements.  For the majority of my life I have been more negative towards myself and my work.  But if I were truly honest and listened to my peers I would see a body of work that is worthy of sharing.  Not perfect but in honesty more than okay (OMG that was hard).   So let’s be honest about what we have to offer – I bet if we truly look within we will see a person more worthy than we thought.    Look up honesty and you will see a wide range of definitions from integrity, kindness to sincerity.  All traits we can cultivate more.

How does honesty come into play in your life?  Does the word resonate to you?  Or do you feel another word fits you better – if so what is it.  I would love to hear from you on this Angel Card or any of the others.

You can always start now!

11 thoughts on “Angel Card – Honesty

  1. angelanoelauthor says:

    Becoming honest with myself was one of the most enlightening, and hard, experiences of my life. The most work was actually realizing I wasn’t being honest, and then allowing myself to be curious, not judgmental, about the truth. When I realized how selfish I could be, or how like a bully I was, I cringed. But I also realized I had the ability to change that. When I realized I felt shame for things outside of my control, I made it a point to let those painful things be known, rather than hidden. In doing so, I could bring myself into alignment–the story I told myself about myself and the real me. So, honesty is a worthy practice and never more so when looking at how we see ourselves. Thank you for the post, very thoughtful.


    • Amelia says:

      Agree. Seeing yourself with all your strengths and weakness and learning from that. Not denying I have work to do on a constant basis and that it okay just stay real/honest about it. Thank you for your comment and sharing your journey. This is the wonderful thing about blogging.


    • Amelia says:

      I try and create a safe place for people to vent and often they don’t want an answer just a safe place to get stuff off chest. Agree about the “honest” card. Like using the word but…..after a compliment.


  2. The Tea Chest ♥ says:

    Honesty is such an admirable trait and one I hold in high regard. For me it doesn’t mean complete transparency or openness it means being genuine and accountable. In a relationship sense I expect 100% and I am suspicious by nature, this is a genetic thing lol but when you haven’t had 100% you look for it in future relationships be those personal or professional. I have come to realise that sadly not everyone shares my value in honesty. But that is their responsibility. Great post made me think a little deeper over my cup of tea this morning 🤔


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      For me sometime honesty might mean NOT talking if it is not going to add to the situation or person not ready to listen. I agree it is a admirable trait and needed in positive/open relationships. For me honesty and respect are foundations without those I have nothing to build a relationship on. Glad you enjoyed with your tea! Thanks for visiting!


  3. jennybhatia says:

    There are lots of definitions, one being an herb in the mustard family. Who knew? Being honest with ourselves isn’t easy, but maybe I will work on that as a resolution. Thought provoking post for me. Thank you.


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