Definition of what is good enough


As I head into November I have started thinking about the definition of what is good enough.  This is because one of my favorite events of the year starts National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWri).

NaNoWri is about writing a novel (50,000 words is the goal) in a month.  To accomplish this there can be no edits, no going back or second guessing.  It is all about moving forward.  Perfectionism is out the window.  The attitude is write and we can so do this. Word counts, word sprints and a supportive community.

Hmmm…..that sounds good.  So why am I only applying it to November and NaNoWri?  No edits, no second guesses, moving forward, get rid of perfectionism and we can so do this attitude.  Really people, this can be applied to EVERYTHING.  What if I take my NaNoWri frame of mind and carry it past November and my 50,000 words?  What if I apply it to other projects?  Just start, don’t worry if they are not perfect (nothing is), enjoy the process and move forward.  No criticism until the project is completed and only then is it constructive criticism.  What can I take away from this?

We all know one coat of paint on a wall isn’t enough and you should not judge the true color at that point.  So why are we not applying that to our projects that are only half or one-third completed? I have done cross-stitch in the past and if I stopped when I finished cross stitching in all the Xs in the picture it would still not be completed.  It is when the outlines of the individual areas are  done that the picture pops.  So stand back and see if you have completed your finishing touches to make your project pop.

Who gets to define what is good enough?  Sometime you have to make a mess and that is okay as long as you are starting. If you are not starting you are letting perfectionism and what other people think is good enough to win.  If we have a positive experience, an hour of just creating and enjoying the process that is good enough.  The end result is not always the goal.  The journey there – well that is.

You can always start now!





3 thoughts on “Definition of what is good enough

    • Amelia says:

      For me it is a constant battle turning off that critic, but I think worth it. We should enjoy the journey it is all we real have since we know the end destination. Maybe we should play more and not over think the end result. Thank you for stopping by and commenting it means a lot.


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