Creating your Vision Board – why you should


I am too excited to have Wanda from A Wandafulthing guest post on my blog!  She is the reason I have one!  Thank you! xo

Have you ever taken a course or a class where you were a true novice? You get all excited because you are there to learn something totally new and you naively assume everyone is at the same stage.  Things get rolling and you start to doubt yourself because everyone seems to be one step ahead. Then it dawns on you these people have done this before and suddenly you have a light bulb moment.

I was attending a Women’s Wisdom Circle and the activity for the night was to start a vision board. We were given instructions and we all started. I was doing as instructed and cutting out images and words to define what my goals were for the year.  I randomly stuck these words and pictures on my board but wasn’t really impressed with what I saw. It seemed a little chaotic, random, unachievable and frankly messy.

Some of the other women showed what they had created and, to me, they seemed like masterpieces, neat, tidy, orderly, pretty.  When I arrived home I tossed my board aside and never gave it much thought.  A few weeks later it resurfaced but it was face down and on the back in GIANT letters I had pasted the  L O V E.

This meant something to me and it was a sign, you see, I was/am a follower/lover/believer of Dr. Wayne Dyer and I had the pleasure of being in one of his audiences before he died and the message during his whole talk was about L O V E. now you have to say it like this L O V E period! He wore a shirt that day that said exactly that. I actually have L O V E. on my office wall and it is the first thing I see when I go there.

When I flipped my Vision Board over I looked at it in a different way, I saw the L O V E I have for life and I realized that it was ok that my Vision Board wasn’t neat, tidy and pretty or perfect but it was my Vision Board.  If it is reflective of who I am  and what I want then that was the whole purpose …another light bulb moment. I’m a work in progress and so is my board and I’m ok with that. I posted it on my office wall right below the words LOVE and each day I pass by it I smile.

I encourage anyone who has never done a Vision Board to give it a try and not to worry about what someone else will think because it isn’t about them it’s about you – you at this very moment and what your hopes, dreams and goals are.

There are two sites on more information on creating your Vision Board to check out:  Christie Inge and Apply the law of attraction.

 The pictures of the vision boards are Wanda’s and DIY Ready.

7 thoughts on “Creating your Vision Board – why you should

  1. awandafulthing says:

    Thank you so much for posting this article and showing my Vision Board….it still looks a bit messy to me but I’m not perfect and I’m ok with that 🙂 I’m a work in progress, isn’t that what you always say…xxoo


    • Amelia says:

      A good friend and fellow blogger wrote the post. As soon as I heard her explain it I said that is a post! Glad you enjoyed it. I agree with the point I’m a work in progress and so is my board should be embrace. Perfectionism is over rated if it gets in the way of creating.


    • awandafulthing says:

      Would love to see your vision board when it is created. As my “vision” expand I am sure my board will change and if it does its like a journal of where I was and where I want to be!


    • Amelia says:

      Your welcome. It is actually a friend’s vision board. When she told me she did one I said post please! Like you I’m now considering one as it might be interesting to see what actually shows up on it!


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