Angel Card – Communication


This week I have picked the Angel Card communication.   When I think of communication my first thought is Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.   He writes that we should “listen to understand”.  That has always resonated with me in that so many people don’t listen.  They are waiting for their opening, giving their opinion (whether asked for or not) or day dreaming while you are talking.  To listen to understand is giving your full attention to what that individual is saying.  Letting them finish their sentences before jumping in with your opinion or your story.  Maybe your story isn’t even called for.  Not every person is looking for an opinion or an answer.  Sometimes they just want to rant or be heard.  Nothing but understanding and listening is required.

To fully listen to understand and communicate we have to put the person in front of us first.  What are they saying and not saying?  What is their tone? Their body language?  Ask questions if unsure to get the whole story.  The big thing is concentrate on what individual.  Do not start planning out your response in your head while they are still talking and sharing – you are not listening at this point and it becomes about you.  That is not what I consider communication.

 Can you imagine if we all listened to understand and communicated that way?  No jumping to conclusions because we are not getting the whole picture.  There is something attractive about that person who listens to understand and can communicate that they get it.  I am sure we have all been around them.  You are often naturally drawn to them.  You might think I have gotten off the track with my Angel Card communication, but really if we are not actively listening are we truly communicating or just talking?  To communicate we have to listen to understand.  It works both ways.

You can always start now!

3 thoughts on “Angel Card – Communication

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Listening, and reinforcing by repeating critical points from the conversation, shows you are giving the speaker priority, your attention. A practice that takes time to perfect, self-discipline and empathy. Great post. thank you for sharing.


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