Angel Card – Power

I apologize to those of you who have been following along as I always start these posts with a fast recap.  So sorry but here it is.   For those stopping by for the first time, for the past seven months I have been drawing a weekly Angel Card and writing what that word means to me.  This week it was the word power.

When I first drew this card out, my gut reaction was somewhat negative.  Associating power with control and not liking where that was taking me.  On further mulling I realized neither word power or control should resonate as negatively for me.   It is the action involved in power or control over someone or some event that can be negative not the word per say.

We all want power to make decisions and choices.  The power to stand proud of our accomplishments, to speak our minds on issues we believe in and make choices (good, bad or indifferent).   I think the word power is neutral.  It is how we use that power in our speech and/or actions that make a positive or negative difference around us.

I am going for the word power being positive.  I have the power to change – to grow in the direction I want.  We can channel our power into positive pursuits.  Where can we make a difference – be powerful for that one person or cause?

You can always start now!


4 thoughts on “Angel Card – Power

  1. angelanoelauthor says:

    Isn’t that interesting how we react to words! So many associations over just a few letters strung together. This is why I refer to them as “imperfect containers for meaning.”
    Power, as you point out, has a polarizing force. People “in power” definitely impact others for good or ill. Recently, I’ve begun to have pity for the powerful. I know that sounds strange, but power does strange things to people. You can have it but not want it, like Harry Potter. Or you can have it and want desperately to cling to it, like every dictator ever. I think of my bosses, and how I felt as a boss. Your words are given more weight. People’s lives can be impacted by a careless word. This is heavy stuff.
    Interesting Angel Card!


    • Amelia says:

      Excellent “imperfect containers for meaning”. It was an interesting word to explore. When I was doing the Angel Cards I tried to put a positive spin on the word. Like you said often imperfect containers for meaning. I agree I don’t envy people in power. I want the power to work on myself. I want the awareness to help others.


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