Angel Card – Gratitude


If you are just tuning in for the past six months I have been pulling out an Angel Card weekly and blogging about what that word means to me.  To pull out gratitude this week was poetic.  I have just returned from an incredible vacation –  loved it and will tell you more about it in another post.  Teaser I know.

I love to travel and this is an area I have always been willing to scarify other choices to obtain the money to take off.  Where gratitude comes into play is when you travel you are seeing different cultures, history and life-styles.  You gain a better understanding of the world around you and more importantly sometime you come to be grateful for where you are from.  Being Canadian I know I take somethings for granted, it is not until I travel and take tours and explore that I realize how lucky I am to be from a part of the world where I can express myself and feel I am Canadian first and foremost and not be defined by religion, income or class (for the most part!!!).

There are beautiful, historic and culturally diverse places that should be explored and I am often in awe of.  Oh to live and soak up more of that culture would be incredible – sit at those outside cafes, live in a building built hundreds of years ago, hike coastlines with views that take your breath away.  There is so much out there to see and do.

Keeping an open mind is crucial when travelling and not comparing places to home.  What is okay is recognizing if you are lucky enough to come from a part of the world you can be yourself first.  To have gratitude for your place and space in the world that you occupy.  Gratitude also that you are having this experience of travel, education, health and just to be able to explore possibilities.  What if we look at what we can be grateful for not what is going wrong.  Gratitude for the here and now – being mindful of what is happening around us and that we are part of a bigger picture.

Gratitude – let us acknowledge it more.  Turn negative thoughts on their head and think what if and show some gratitude that you are even able to have that thought or experience.  Look at the alternative!


2 thoughts on “Angel Card – Gratitude

    • Amelia says:

      Just talking to someone yesterday who did not grow up in Canada and it made me realise what grateful I should be to be Canadian (in my case) but others can substitute there. Thanks for stopping by


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