Angel Card – Surrender

If you are just stopping by for the first time, for about six months now I have been pulling an Angel Card out weekly and posting on what that word means to me.  Some words have flowed and others were a struggle.  This week the Angel Card is surrender.

The Angel on the card is holding the universal white flag of surrender, even though she is the one on the top of the hill which I think is the better strategic place.  Please correct me if I am wrong. So how did she get to that place? I think if we can get past the idea that surrender is just losing and going under we might be able to process it into a more positive light.  We have choices coming at us all the time.  Some require us to take a stand, others to agree and still others to hold off until we gather more information.

I recently said “that is not a battlefield I consider worth dying on”.  Yes, way to dramatic for any situation I would be involved in.  My thought process was around the amount of time and energy I would have to exert to get my point across.  Looking back to similar situations I made the decision to surrender what could have been a long drawn out discussion that I knew in the end didn’t really matter or affect me in the long run.

What is worth fighting for?  What will we have to do to get that win/win?  Are there times when we are okay with a lose/win? Or just that battle is not worth the time and energy and in the end how important was the outcome I wanted?  Surrendering is not always about giving up and walking away head down.  I think at times it is walking away head up realising our decision was based on what we felt was the best decision at the time for us and hopefully the other party (if possible).

To create the life I want I think at times I have to surrender, step away and yes, decide if that battle is really worth fighting for.  I only have so much time and energy.  What do I want to focus them on and can I live with my decision.  Living positively with your decision – well that is what this is all about.

You can always start now ! 

14 thoughts on “Angel Card – Surrender

  1. Evoking Grace says:

    I love this as you have a very graceful way to describe the inner battle we all face every day! I usually believe that if you can walk away as much as you can from the illusions this life creates, then you are half way there! We only have one life and it’d better be a very graceful and inspiring one! Bliss & Grace from My heart to Yours x


    1. Amelia says:

      Thank you. I feel life is a journey and it is up to us to make the most out of it. I enjoyed writing out my Angel Cards as it definitely made me think about what a word really meant to me. Bliss and Grace back to you. The blogging community is so supportive thank you for commenting.


  2. StephJ says:

    I have trouble surrendering sometimes myself, it gets me in trouble a lot of the times. I need to give myself space to sit back, think then react!


  3. Sheryl says:

    Yes, yes, yes! 100% agree with you that surrendering, while often seen in a bad light, can actually be a positive thing as well. Some things are just not worth the time or energy like you said.


    1. Amelia says:

      I agree – we get caught up on surrendering as negative. You win I lose and it doesn’t have to be that at all. Even surrendering to the moment and just being. Put a new spin on the word!


  4. houndsofsilence says:

    This is a beautifully written article and a very creative idea to write about angel cards. I’m going to read more from your angel card series.
    When I was younger I believed that surrendering meant I was weak. My perception has changed , I now believe it takes a strong person to surrender. I love Amelia’s comment above when she said surrender to the moment and just be. This is a powerful and enriching statement. I practice it everyday, if I didn’t I would be a mess.


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