Sometime you have to say no

We are all busy and often want to be all things to all people. Family and friends need us and we want to be there for them. But at what point do we start scarifying our own time and needs for everyone else? This is especially true if creating feeds your soul. Carving out time to create, be it writing, painting, photography or another medium is hard in this fast paced world. Creating often involves just you alone and pouring yourself into a piece of work that feeds your soul.

The problem is taking time for you, alone, is often the first sacrifice when requests for help come in. We feel, and often others do too, that creating is not important. It is just a hobby and can be put aside. You’re doing something alone how important or crucial can that be? People that don’t create or need alone time to re-energize often don’t get it. Why can’t you be there 24/7? Why do you want to spend time alone when you could be helping me? Hobbies are for when you have free time – which is never.

So we continue to put our creativity aside and devalue it. The thing is that when we devalue our need to create than other people will also.  If we start to value and make our creativity important – something that is part of who we are and what we do, than scheduling it in and letting people know that we are not free at that time and if there is another time we can help, will let people know your boundaries.

This is not about not being there for people and not being flexible. It is about valuing your contribution and creativity.  Let people know that this is important to you, not a whim but part of who you are and a need that has to be fulfilled.  If you are happy and your life is fuller than you will be able to give other people what they need with more compassion.

Value who you are and what you need to create the life you want.  It will be better for you and everyone around you.


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