Angel card – Beauty

This week I pulled out the Angel Card beauty. When people talk about beauty, I often think like art, it can be subjective.  I want to put physical beauty aside.  As really, if we are on a journey to create a life we want this shouldn’t rate even in the top ten.  I am not including taking care of yourself i.e. exercise, sunscreen and not-smoking as part of beauty as I feel we should be doing these things and also just feeling good about ourselves period.


Beauty for me radiates from more than the physical appearance.  Have you ever been around someone who you think they look okay and then they smile or start talking and WOW there is a vibrancy there that is so appealing.  People that are open and compassionate to everyone are beautiful.  This beauty never fades and they pull us in to be better people.  If this person wants to spend time with me, is actually listening to what I have to say, than I must be worth it.  What an incredible feeling to give someone – that they are worth it and are good enough the way they are.

I think we all have the potential to be beautiful.  We just have to pull it out of ourselves – it is in our core waiting.  Can you imagine if we all radiated beauty and brought out the best in ourselves and others? What a journey that would be.

You can always start now!


12 thoughts on “Angel card – Beauty

  1. Janet Givens says:

    Your blog needs an “I love this” icon, Brenda. “Like” is quite the understatement here.

    Would that we were all comfortable enough in ourselves that self-consciousness would flee and a genuine sense of curiosity, interest in the other arose. How much easier to connect with our fellow humans when there is genuine curiosity and interest.

    Thank you for getting me pondering the state of civilization once again; it’s been awhile.


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Thank you. I enjoyed doing the Angel Cards as they got me thinking. A woman at work is turning 40 today and has been anxious about it. For me turning 40 was when I decided (or realized) that I was enough and I was no longer going to twist myself to accommodate what other people expected me to be. Yes to continue to grow and push boundaries but for me. Acceptance.

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