10 things to do to create a memorable summer

If you live somewhere summer is a short season you always want to make the most of it.  When the days finally start to warm up (June!!) you want to feel by September that you accomplished something or at least have summer memories.  If you are not taking a summer vacation and travelling or to the cottage you might feel like it just rolled by and you missed it.   Here are some ideas to create a memorable summer:

Park just 15 minute walk from my place I had never been to!

  1. Check out local festivals and events.  We have a multi-cultural festival every summer.  Check to see if there are any cultural associations in your area that celebrate their diversity.
  2. Rainy weekend check out your local museum or art gallery. It is funny we have no problem paying admission to museums and art galleries when we are on vacation but at home we think twice about it.
  3. Have a project – decide this is the time to clean out a closet, wallpaper an accent wall or make a pretty summer wreath for the door. Last summer I wallpapered a wall in my dining room and when I look at it I realize that was a summer accomplishment.
  4. Pick out two to five books you want to read and just do it.  I am currently re-reading the Narnia Chronicles.
  5. Take local transit and see areas of your city you bypass.
  6. Check out a local park and maybe have a picnic.  See picture above of what I have pretty well on-top of me!!
  7. Try out restaurants you have heard about or walk by for a Saturday lunch
  8. Get into a routine of checking the paper for events happening in your area. These could range from Church suppers, community theatre to outdoor concerts.
  9. Get in the car and drive north, south, east or west for 30 minutes to an hour and see where it takes you.
  10. Make a list of what you want to do this summer. When the end of September rolls around you want to have memories to look back on.

There is no excuse for not enjoying summer (or any season) there are things to see and do, we just have to look. When we are asked what we did this summer let’s have something to say!


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