Monthly craft challenge – embroidery hoop

Welcome to our monthly craft challenge.  Wanda, over at A Wandafulthing, and I started this craft challenge in January as something  fun for the year.  We just threw out ideas of items that were easily accessible. I can’t believe now we are halfway through the year.

Wanda is the craft diva of the two of us so I am always excited to see what she produces.  Drum roll please……this month she used an embroidery hoop as the top of a storage bag.  You can put anything the bag.  The bag can be made from fabric you have on hand or even a pillow case!  Check out all the details over at  A Wandafulthing

wanda hoop2

My craft is pretty easy.  A few months ago I saw pictures of ways people are using doilies.  My mother was an avid knitter, crocheter and sewer. I have beautiful items in a box. As soon as I saw the different displays I thought of my embroidery hoop craft.

doilyI wanted to include the embroidery hoop earring holder my sister made for me years ago.  She used mesh and caught it between the hoops adding a little lace.  It is great as puts your earrings out on display.

ear ring holder

Next month the challenge is to use fabric anyway you like it in a craft!  Hope you join us.   Check out previous craft challenges below!

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2 thoughts on “Monthly craft challenge – embroidery hoop

  1. awandafulthing says:

    Love, love, love that variegated pink doily – you are smart to keep treasures from the past and beautiful things that remind you of your mother and be savvy enough to use them in new ways – bravo!


    • Amelia says:

      Thank you. I enjoyed going through the box and pulling things out and remembering. So many pretty things I should put more effort into finding a place to display.


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