Creating the life we need and want – are we optimizing yet?

I do feel life’s a journey as we all know the final destination.  So, I’m thinking, if we break our journey up in decades or chapters what do we want our story for that time period to be?


To begin with I think we have to prepare our bodies and minds for our journey.  Finding out where our energy comes from and where it gets sucked up.  Getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising all for starters.  But also knowing yourself.  Knowing your limits and how you re-energize after a busy day and/or week.  Being an introvert I know I need alone time and recognizing that and building it into my week.  If you get energized by being with people make sure you include social time to get you ramped up.   

Breaking down my journey into chapters helps me focus on current and future goals.  How do I want my current chapter to read?  Maybe in your twenties before starting a family you want that chapter to be focused on travel and education.  I feel all chapters should focus on growth and exploring possibilities.

My current chapter focuses on creativity – hence the blog and putting my work out there (finally!).  I am also a big believer in baby steps.  Breaking down goals into manageable items that move you forward.  If the goal is too big or seems too unreal we often freeze and do nothing.  If your goal is to write a novel, just write. Start journaling, write poetry, a short story.  Just start.  Maybe this chapter is about exploring different paths from taking a pottery class, belly dancing, scrapbooking or photography.

What do we want to be able to say about our 20s, 30s and beyond. Lets start filling our chapters with memories that make us smile and proud.   Challenge yourself and explore possibilities.  Some will work out and others won’t but we won’t have regrets. I took belly dancing and enjoyed it but it wasn’t my thing, but I have absolutely no regret over taking the class.  I have no regrets over anything I have tried.  What I do regret is not exploring different possibilities over the years.

So what are you going to include in this chapter of your life?  In X many years what do you want to be able to say you did or accomplished.  Start with baby steps – break a larger goal down into manageable pieces.  Every journey starts with that first step and every chapter starts with that first word.

Thank you for being on my chapter of creativity.  I hope I have given you something to think about and I would love to hear how you are filling your chapter up!

6 thoughts on “Creating the life we need and want – are we optimizing yet?

  1. Bhanu says:

    Your post really resinated with me as I was drafting something similar yesterday (creativity, passion and inspiration). I like your idea that all chapters should focus on growth – because that’s what life is about!


    • Amelia says:

      Thank you. This blog has helped me push my boundaries creatively and growth wise. We are all on the journey together. Hope your chapter is being filled with great memories and adventures (it is all good).


  2. drallisonbrown says:

    Love this! I’m also exploring my creativity during this season of life. And, I agree with your statement about exploring (fearlessly) all the possibilities of life!


    • Amelia says:

      For me it came down to regrets and what ifs. I want to look at myself at the end of the day (life) and say okay it was a good journey with not a lot of regrets. Especially over things I have control over, which comes with exploring possibilities. I want to know what is worth pursuing and what isn’t and I can’t know that if I don’t try new things. So yes let’s go for it.


  3. josypheen says:

    I love the idea of breaking your life into chapters. It makes a lot of sense as it is easy to group years in that way. 🙂

    Your creative chapter is going well so far. I’m glad we all get to share it with you.


    • Amelia says:

      Thank you. I think in chapters as it gives me an idea “what is the focus of this chapter?” “what do I want to fill in this chapter?” A chapter can be a season, a year, a decade we get to decide. That is part of the fun.


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