Angel Card – Patience


The card of the week is patience.  We all have it and most of the time I imagine it is something we take for granted.  Some people seem to have an infinite amount of patience. They can wait in long line-ups, deal with difficult people, computer issues and pretty well anything else thrown at them.  Others, like me, have triggers.  One of them is programs not working.  How long should I spent trying to figure this out before walking away and coming back to it?

When we feel ourselves running out of patience that is a good time to step back, take a breath, be mindful of the situation and ask is it worth getting upset.  Having and cultivating patience is part of learning and maturing.  The card shows an Angel knitting – to learn a new skill involves listening, understanding, curiosity and yes patience.  Knowing we will make mistakes, that it is okay and just start over and try again.  Patience.  Patience with ourselves and others.  Realizing not everyone learns the same way, people have different skill sets and mistakes are part of life’s journey.

Cultivating patience is something we can all work at and I think becoming more mindful might be part of it.  Asking ourselves why is this situation making me feel this way?  What can I do differently?  Finding your triggers.  Having more patience will create more breathable space and less stress.  Who doesn’t want that?


13 thoughts on “Angel Card – Patience

  1. awandafulthing says:

    Ah patience …something I have had to learn and work on over the years but I am now able to recognize my triggers and I don’t react like I use to – this was a good post to read to remind me of these things.


    • Amelia says:

      I am still a work in progress over a lot of things. For some things I have tons of patience for others….not so much. Maybe count to ten ? before making a decisions? Or I’ll get back to you? I know all easier said than done.


  2. itsnotallcute says:

    Patience is something it’s taken a long time to learn. I’m proud to say I have over time come to terms with it and realised that some things take more effort and that’s just a fact of life. This was a great reminder of that xo


    • Amelia says:

      I enjoyed doing the Angel Cards as it was a good reminder of things to work on. I think patience now is needed when we have so much at our fingertips i.e. information and not taking it at face value but having the patience to consider, reflect before jumping to conclusions. Stopping for stopping by.


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