Angel Card – Flexibility

This week my Angel Card was flexibility.   If we are talking yoga, which I enjoy, I am not the most flexible in any class.   So I guess both physically and mentally flexibility is something I work at – stretching and challenging myself.

Flexibility2I think if we don’t stretch and push ourselves to explore new things, see things in a different light, listen to others who might have a different opinion, and keep active we still become stuck and inflexible.  The world is changing and if we want to be apart of it we have to have flexibility.  This ranges from new technology, new ideas and learning new things.  Keep an open mind.

The more flexibility we have the better we are able to adapt to change.  Self initiated or thrown at us!  So, let’s be that person with flexibility.  You know the one.  The one people say they seem to deal with change well.   We can be THAT person.

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