Monthly Craft Challenge – Kitchen Utensil!

Third Monday of the month it is craft challenge time!!  April was use a kitchen utensil. Well, that got me on Pinterest fast as I had NO ideas.   If you have been following us along you know Wanda over at A Wandafulthing is the craft DIVA here!   I saw a similar version of this on Pinterest and thought I can do that to perk my plants up.


I bought the spoons at the Buck Store, had the paper (wrapping paper) and used craft varnish to attach flowers to spoon.  I thought they were cute to stick into a plant pot. Also they would be neat to put letters or pictures on larger spoons for your outside garden and label what is growing or going to grow in that area.


For these craft challenges I am trying to do easy, fast crafts with items people might have on hand like the yarn craft from March.

Below is Wanda’s kitchen utensil craft.  Check out all the details over at A Wandafulthing.  I couldn’t believe it when she sent me the pictures.  She had the cheese grater on hand and painted it and voila!  A beautiful jewelry holder.

cheese grater holder 3 (1)cheese grater holder 2

Check out our other monthly craft challenges – links below.  Would love to see what you come up with. Join us next month for using a frame in anyway you want!!

January Challenge – artist canvass

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March Challenge – yarn

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