Angel Card – Enthusiasm


The Angel Card I drew this week was enthusiasm.  I have to say I am not the  most enthusiastic person in any room.  I think I have a sense of humor but I am not a laugh out loud person.  So if I was enthusiastic you might realize it.  I am an introvert by nature so enthusiasm for me can come from finding a great series of books to read.  Also enthusiasm can be curling up with a cup of coffee on a sunny winter day reading one of these books.

I enjoy seeing people who are enthusiastic.  They give off an energy that can be infectious.  Their enthusiasm for something can often radiate joy. Finding something or someone that gives you enthusiasm is exhilarating. Enthusiasm can be full-out and on or sometimes (like for me) quiet and inward but still there.  You feel happy, joyful and what you are doing is going to feel good.

So to have that feeling of enthusiasm what can we do to bring more of it into our lives?  For me it is about exploring and learning new things and pushing boundaries.  I might or might not find something I am enthusiastic about but then again I might.  You just never know until you try new things or start looking at the world in a different light.

Is there anything you want to try or explore?  Community theatre? Dance? Photography?  Does thinking about possibilities bring about any enthusiasm?  Check in with yourself about things and start noticing what gives you enthusiasm even if it is just a little.  It might be something you should explore.

Check out more Angel Cards I have been exploring under Categories Angel Card.  Also let me know your thoughts on enthusiasm.  What the word means to you or how you go about experiencing it.

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