Creative journey and help along the way

I have been listening to Jenny Carrington podcasts season two.  I enjoy listening to creative people tell their story and share what works and doesn’t work for them.   On Season two of Jen Carrington’s Make it Happen Podcasts a few of her guests have been Jen and Danielle of She Percolates and Caroline Winegart of Made Vibrant along with many more.  I have found these podcasts interesting and wanted to share them with you to maybe get your creative juices following.  So here is a little taste.


Some of the questions they have put out there are:  what do I want to live my creative life in response to?  What does success mean to me?  Along with surrounding ourselves with supportive people on our journey, being authentic in our creative endeavours and even some discussion on finances.  The podcast starts with an introduction to the guest and their creative story.  Jen and her guest then have a honest discussion of topics ranging from finances, partnerships, branding and just putting yourself out there.  

The other podcast I have been listening to recently is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons.  I haven’t read  the book yet but it is on the list.   Gilbert felt that she had more to say after she wrote her book Big Magic.  There are 12 podcasts and she had people write in who were having problems creatively.  She explores their problem with them and then brings in guests to get a second opinion.  Some of her guests are Brene Brown, Cheryl Strayed, Rob Bell and Ann Patchett.

A few of the things talked about and explored are:  what is worth doing even if I failure?  Have an affair with your creativity.  You do NOT have to show anyone what you create.  Write a letter from your fear and your curiosity, listen to what they have to say and of course just start.

There are amazing resources out there for us to tap into.  I find it energizing hearing about individuals’ stories and often I’m taking notes, writing down quotes, books suggested and of course hitting the pause button.  I so recommend checking out both these series of podcasts.  I would love to hear any podcasts, books and/or blogs you recommend.  So please share.   You can always start now!



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