Creating a creative network

Creating anything is often done in solitude. Yes we have cheerleaders, but I think we also need a creative network. Individuals in similar fields that know what we are going through and the hard work it takes to carry on. Friends pressing “like” is great but we need more than that to sometimes push us forward.

I have found some of my biggest supports in blogging have come from individuals I have never met! Fellow bloggers that share your work, comment on a post or follow you on BlogLovin. It is a community of like-minded spirits that seem to know that when one of us does well it reflect on all of us! WOW how is that for community.

Creative NetworksIf we look at creating or growing a creative network what areas should we concentrate on? You don’t need your own blog to press to like, share, Tweet, Pin a post, comment or email a post to a friend. Recently, I participated in a book club over on Free People Blog. It was neat to read someone else’s take on the book, answer questions and give my opinion. There are also link parties for various crafts and DIY. Facebook has groups you can join in pretty well anything .

So lets grow our creative network. Creativity is in all of us so lets connect over social media and in your local community. Pin your crafts, join link parties to show off your latest DIY, tell a blogger their story resonated with you or you like their pink walls!! Also check out your local community for events and people getting together to be creative or be part of something bigger.  Start connecting. Don’t you want to be part of a creative network?

Let me know your thoughts on creating/growing a creative network. Maybe it is starting your own on-line book club or a craft challenge.  You can always start now.

12 thoughts on “Creating a creative network

  1. JN Sheeks says:

    I’ve never heard of this free people blog but I will check it out now!

    I agree on creating a creative network! It sounds like a great idea, I do feel like I’ve been trying to do that but it takes time 😉


    • Amelia says:

      I think we have the start of a creative network through Facebook groups like Blogs in Bloom where we are supporting/encouraging/sharing each other. I still mull over what else I could do outside of a Facebook group or a blogging Facebook group. Suggestions welcome!!


  2. Kerry LifeandLoves says:

    I totally agree with you. Blogging would definitely not give me the pleasure it gives me without all of my blogging buddies I have made.Its great to chat with people that understand what we put into our blogs. Great post x


  3. Adventures of a New Floridian says:

    I’ve also never heard of Free People Blog. I will have to check it out! I think it is so beneficial for all parties to engage with other bloggers on social media. I have found amazing people through Facebook groups that I would easily call friends and supporters. I genuinely enjoy reading the posts they come up with and sharing the love!


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