Monthly Craft Challenge – Yarn Anyway You Like It!

This month our craft challenge was yarn.  Use it anyway and/or anywhere in your project and you are good to go!  I had seen my yarn project on Pinterest ages ago and thought it was a neat and easy idea.  I have scraps of yarn in a box – nothing to make anything major out of – but enough to do small projects so this was perfect.

yarncraftneckI can’t explain or show it any better than Designs by Miss Mandee.   So check out her tutorial on finger knitting this cute piece.  Once I did my necklace I thought hmm…. that would be a comfortable hair band.  Something to get my hair off my face when exercising.  So I just made a shorter one.  Excuse the natural highlights!!


Wanda is the DIYer extraordinaire in this.  Below will explain all.  She combined her Easter craft with our yarn challenge (pom pom).  Wanda had the fame and circ 1950s crochet book from her vintage hunting.  In less than 30 minutes WOW.  Check out all the details over at A Wandafulthing.  Yes I’m jealous.

wandayarn1IMG_4529 (5)

Check out our other monthly challenges on puzzle pieces and artist canvass.  Next month the challenge if using a kitchen utensil.  We would love to see your idea so put your thinking cap on!





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