Angel Cards – Sisterhood


This week from my decorative pot I pulled out the Angel Card sisterhood/brotherhood.  To make it easy on all of us I’m going to go with sisterhood in this post.

For me sisterhood is not just about DNA but a shared experience or cause.  My biological sisters are both decades older than me, so we didn’t grow up in the traditional way.  One was married with a baby when I was born.  So when I pulled the sisterhood card out I immediately thought of sisterhood as in a cause.  A group of women/individuals fighting for something they all believe in.  Knowing that as a collective group they will have a bigger impact on getting their word/cause across.

Sisterhood also means to me support, encouragement and someone believing in you.  I have felt this in the blogging community through connecting on Facebook, other blogs and bloggers offering courses and encouragement.  Thank you.

So if we could all connect in sisterhood what impact could we make as a group.  This could be locally or globally.  I would love to hear your thoughts on what sisterhood means to you.

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